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Phone Stack

NY Premiere

Director: Cami Delavigne

United States, 2019, 7 min

Shooting Format:ARRI ProRes

Festival Year:2020

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Frankie Shaw, Ryan Eggold, Jacqueline Novak

Crew:Writer: Cami Delavigne - Producer: John Hibey - DP: Sarah Brandes - Editor: Lauren Zuckerman


A group of friends dare each other NOT to look at their phones at dinner. One woman grows paranoid about the texts she thinks she's missing from her new boyfriend -- and her instincts are correct.


About the director

Cami Delavigne is a feature and TV writer who got her start co-writing BLUE VALENTINE (2011). She's currently working on a feature adaptation of THE LAST DAYS OF CALIFORNIA for Adam McKay's Hyperobject Industries, as well as an adaptation of Dani Shapiro's INHERITANCE for Killer Films. On the TV side, she has written on shows for AMC, ABC, Amazon, NBC and Showtime.


Filmmaker's note

Phone Stack is inspired by an op-ed in the New York Times about a group of designers who overly congratulated themselves for restricting their screen time at dinner -- as well as the paranoia induced by the current political landscape.

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