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World Premiere

Director: Haley Geffen

United States, 2020, 10 min

Shooting Format:RED, Alexa

Festival Year:2020


Genres:Dance, Spoken Word, Poetry, Women, Feminist

Cast:Melissa Lozada-Oliva, Kailey McCrudden

Crew:Writer: Melissa Lozada-Oliva - Director of Photography: Evan Jake Cohen - Producer: Nikki Horowitz - Editor: Brett Langefels - Executive Producer: Alexis Kaplan - Executive Producers: Haley Geffen, Sam Stephens, Damijan Saccio


Imagine someone walking down the street - going about their daily life. Now imagine that we could see the effect of every micro aggression, false assumption, unwanted sexual advance, undervalue, body shaming, relationship corrupting, overlooked love that happens in our heart invisible to those around us.

What does it look to get through the day?

What does it look like to finally learn to walk with our head high, secure in who we are, in a body we love...

In this film we use modern dance choreography to make visible the invisible forces that prevent women from reaching their full potential and best self.


About the director

Haley Geffen is a six-time Emmy award winner, branded content specialist and live action director and filmmaker. She is also co-founder of Co_ed Studios based in Brooklyn, NY.Haley supervises creative projects from inception through the final mix. She enjoys projects at every size. She’s produced Super Bowl Opens and Olympic campaigns plus six different Sunday Night Football Opens. Most recently, Haley directed a series of commercials for GEICO, a female filmmaker series for Vanity Fair & AT&T Hello Labs and the 2020 brand film campaign for NBC Universal. Haley’s directing work has been featured multiple times in Free the Work including the latest article on Motherhood and Directing and a University of Michigan profile that she’s abnormally proud of.Haley has two daughters and a husband. She keeps all of them in a small zoo in Brooklyn under the care of her dog Gizmo.

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Filmmaker's note

I made this film for women who feel vulnerable, who are trying to navigate life in its current state of politics and who crave equality. I am a filmmaker who creates content for the masses with narratives dictated by major brands. I've directed Super Bowl, NIKE and Under Armour commercials, content and brand films - amassing views in the millions. This self funded project is my creative expression aimed to empower women of all kinds.

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