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NY Premiere

Director: Emory Allen

United States, 2022, 3 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2022


Crew:Music by: Justin Lawes


You ever wake up feeling not like yourself? Let everyone know by changing your head as easily as you would change your shirt. Put on your happy face! Or your sad face. Or your uh... upside down face?

In Detached, we meet a man who's woken up on the smug side of the bed. His self-satisfaction is challenged by all of the unique personalities he bumps into on his way to work.


About the director

Emory Allen specializes in short animations and whimsical characters. Inspired equally by Jim Henson, Herb Lubalin, and Wolverine, his work is the product of an adult who is afraid to forget what it was like being a kid.


Filmmaker's note

Detached was inspired by all those days that I woke up in an awful mood and just did not care about anyone else's feelings. Those days when I barked at people who didn't deserve it. Those days that made people ask, "What's up with you today?" I felt different, but I looked the same. But people can dress differently depending on their mood, can't they? And wouldn't it be great if we could switch our heads to match? Thanks to animation, a world like that can and does exist in Detached.

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