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The Tadpole Trilogy - still #1
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The Tadpole Trilogy - still #3
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The Tadpole Trilogy

(La trilogie des têtards)
NY Premiere

Director: Leonard Giovenazzo

Canada, 2022, 22 min

Festival Year:2023

Category:Narrative Short

Genres:Comedy, Drama

Cast:Ginette Chevalier, Félix Paquette, Éric Cabana

Crew:Writer: Leonard Giovenazzo. Producer: Laurence Wells. Director of Photography: William Albu; Editing: Antoine Foley-Dupont; Art Direction: Kayla Fragman; Sound design: Brice Chevalier; Sound Mixing: François Lacasse; Original Music: Louis Parent, Paul Bergeron, Zacharie Bergeron


"For a while now, Alain has been locking himself in the family basement where he conducts unclear experiences on amphibiens.

Louise, in response to her husband's behaviour, embarks on a quest for new sensations, and finds herself a lover. Pierre-Louis, their 20 year old son, is dealing with consumption problems and a very singular existential crisis. In result to Alain's absence, the relationship between Louise and Pierre-Louis solidifies in quite an unusual way."

About the director

Born in Québec in the Ste-Foy/Sillery boroughs, Leonard had a peaceful childhood.
After completing studies at Cégep Garneau, he leaves the national capital to prime a BA in Film Production at Concordia university, which he completes in April 2021.
Trough his journey, he specializes in script writing and directing, interested in absurd and comedy genres...

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