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Director: Gabriel Ugbodaga

United States, 2023, 9 min

Festival Year:2024

Genres:Action, Drama

Crew:Writer: Oshiomati Gabriel Ugbodaga. Producer: Sebastien Abou-Chakra. Art Director: Sebastien Abou-Chakra; Lead Animators: Johnathan Cox, Selina Perez, Alexa Morales; FX Leads: Mahogany Martin; 3D Supervisor: Sebastien Abou-Chakra; Sound and Music Supervisor: Sebastien Abou-Chakra; Production Managers: Sebastien Abou-Chakra Abou-Chakra; Production Assistants: Allisson Wittzman


A skilled young boxer and a determined father clash in a traditional Nigerian boxing match, their resilience and pride are put to the ultimate test, with everything they hold dear on the line.

About the director

Gabriel Ugbodaga is a young and talented animator from Nigeria, known for his profound love and passion for animation. With a deep understanding of storytelling, he brings captivating narratives to life through his unique animated works. Ugbodaga's creativity knows no bounds as he continuously pushes the boundaries of the art form, experimenting with various styles and techniques. His dedication and artistic prowess have garnered recognition within the animation industry, establishing him as a rising star. With an unwavering commitment to his craft, Gabriel Ugbodaga is poised to leave a lasting impact on the world of animation.

Filmmaker's note

Vainglorious is a film about love, both in lack and abundance. It portrays a clash between two strong and indomitable motives that epitomize the extremes of human nature. Haruna, the artist, pushes beyond every human limit to feed their obsession with their work, leading to a self-isolating and lonely existence that fuels an insatiable hunger for unattainable perfection. On the other hand, Ayeana represents the selfless caregiver who is willing to risk everything for their loved one, even if it means losing themselves in the process. It is a story that deeply resonates with us, highlighting the delicate balance we, as humans, need to find between loving ourselves and loving others. Self-destruction holds no glory, whether it manifests as the vanity of an empty victory that only deepens the pit of obsession and self-hatred, or as a daughter losing her father and having to fend for herself for the rest of her


Age: 13+

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