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Low Down Larry Versus the Giant Reptile - still #1

Low Down Larry Versus the Giant Reptile

Director: Sammy Verni

United States, 2024, 7 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024

Genres:Fantasy, Sci-fi, Stop Motion, Animation

WINNER: Audience Award

Crew:Producer and Editor: Sammy Verni, Production Designer: Leonardo Chico, Art Director: Tana Cadena-Vuignier, 3D Model Maker: JP Verni, CG Animator: Jonathan Burqhardt, Scenic Artist: Anastasios Megaris, Production Assistant: Bryce Verni, Production Assistant: Layna Verni


In their latest adventure together, Larry and Spike set out in a time machine to be the first to bring a living dinosaur back with them to present day. They've already been to the Moon and back, but this time have they gone too far?

About the director

Sammy Verni is a native New Yorker and founder of Upstarts and Rogues Productions, an award-winning film company specializing in traditional stop motion animation.

After seeing Jaws in its original run in a dark movie theater many years ago, Sammy was hooked and has been in love with all things film and filmmaking. As a child and early teen, he went on to craft his own fantasy epics in the family basement and backyard with an old Super 8mm camera, before moving onto the newly emerging (and heavy) home video camera format.
After graduating with a degree in film production, Sammy spent some time working on set as an intern and then in the field as a location scout with some of the industry’s leading directors. He then spent nearly twenty years working in the corporate video and advertising industries; shooting, editing and managing assets for some of the world’s largest consumer brands.

In his free time, Sammy can usually be found going to the movies, traveling, watching ‘60s sitcoms and sci fi classics and chasing after his two daughters to get them to do their homework.

Filmmaker's note

Based on a comic strip character of the same name I drew when I was ten years old, 'Low Down Larry Versus the Giant Reptile' is a love letter to that time in my life, as well as '50s and '60s Sci-Fi B movies, Saturday morning cartoons and classic stop motion animation.


All ages

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