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The Calligraphy Lesson - still #1

The Calligraphy Lesson

Director: Chin Chin Ip

United States, 2023, 9 min

Festival Year:2024


The delicate strokes of Chinese calligraphy characters—traditional symbols of wisdom—help the children understand complex modern issues.

The film touches upon themes of immigration, education, parenting, and the universal human desire for belonging and freedom.

As the black ink settles on the paper and the art of calligraphy is kept alive by a new generation, the characters’ interconnected personal stories unfold...

About the director

Ashley (Chin Chin) Ip, producer, writer and director based in Brooklyn, New York.

Ashley worked in the fashion world and later in journalism, now commercial directing and editing.

Drawing from her rich Chinese heritage and juxtaposing it with modern society, Ashley seeks to share the tales of characters who overcome challenges with the support of compassionate humans and a leap of faith.


Age: 13+

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