A collection of 10 festival film trailers that TBWA created to develop the 2020 BFF theme.
This body of work is a collaborative effort between TBWA, the festival, and 10 BFF filmmakers
who allowed us to use segments of the projects that are included in this year’s festival lineup.


Relearn How to be Human


Film Sequences & BFF Filmmakers
Blocks by Director Bridget Moloney
Journal by Director Alex Bliss
Lions in the Corner by Director Paul Hairston
Coucou by Director Daiva Zalnieriunas
The Journey of Murder by Director Jun Wang
When I’m at Home by Director Ivana Todorović
Hey Girl by Director Haley Geffen
The Circadian Cycle by Director Garry Stewart
Broken Bird by Director Rachel Harrison Gordon

TBWA\Chiat\Day NY
Chris Beresford-Hill, Chief Creative Officer
Ricard Valero, Executive Creative Director
Al Merry, Executive Creative Director
Ashley Veltre, Associate Creative Director
Holden Rasche, Associate Creative Director
Chris Rowson, Executive Creative Director
Robyn Makinson, Senior Designer
Alex Lumain, Senior Designer
Laura Vancil, Copywriter
Belen Aragon, Associate Art Director
John Doris, Head of Integrated Production
Chris Klein, Executive Producer
Sarah Haroldson, Integrated Producer
Pietra Cangialosi, Producer
Ekaterina Danilova, Front-End Developer/Animator
Thalia Tsouros, Director of Integrated Business Affairs
Anne Camille-Charpié, Business Affairs Manager
Nancy Reyes, President
Bruna Bechelli, Business Lead
Danielle Granderson, Business Director
Chris Butler, Business Manager
James Sowden, Chief Strategy Officer
Katelyn Saks, Senior Strategist
Bodi Karsono, Senior Strategist
Carlin Dixon, Strategist

Editorial \\ MackCut
Editor: Nick Divers
Editor: Kenneth Muñoz
Executive Producer: Gina Pagano
Flame Artist: Jim Hayhow

Music: Human
Executive Producer: James Dean Wells
Creative Lead: Andrew Bloch & Sloan Alexander
Composer: Gordon Minette

Audio Post: Post Human
Chief Engineer: Sloan Alexander
Assistant Engineer: Robert Suchecki

Color Grade: The Mill
Colorist: Fergus McCall
Executive Producer: Rochelle Brown
Senior Producer: Megan Rumph
Color Assists: Elias Nousiopoulos and Andrew Ceen

Brooklyn Film Festival
Marco Ursino, Executive Director
Susan E. Mackell, Director of Development
Galen Bremer, Production Manager
Brian Geldin, PR Manager
Allyson Morgan, Digital Media Manager