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NY Premiere

Director: Sol Friedman

Canada, 2009, 10 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2010


Cast:Clemence Wong, Benny Min, Kenji Fujino

Crew:Executive Producer: Sol Friedman - Producer: Paul Nandrajog - Screenwriter: Sol Friedman - Editor: Ross Wilson - Cinematographer: Vinit Borisson - Original Score: Hiroya Miura - Sound: Graham Rogers - Stop-Motion Animator: Pete Levin

Sales:Sol Friedman - Toronto, ON, M5T 2C2, Canada - T: 416.949.9768


Set in the rural backwoods of feudal Japan, a young peasant girl named Junko, returns home to discover her blind grandfather brutally murdered. Filled with despair, Junko, accompanied by a mystical fox spirit, abandons her old life and sets off for the village in search of better fortune. While begging, young Junko inadvertently encounters the evil samurai lord responsible for killing her grandfather and with the influence of the fox spirit, avenges her grandfather through an act of gruesome poetic justice.


About the director

Sol Friedman's most recent work, "Junko's Shamisen", is the culmination of his broad range of interests. This 10-minute short film, seamlessly unites an array of techniques, including drawings, sculpture, live-action, as well as stop-motion, computer and cell-animation to create an exciting new form. This film is Sol's screenwriting and live-action directorial debut.

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