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FALLING UP - still #1


World Premiere

Director: Djuna Wahlrab

United States, 2010, 9 min

Festival Year:2011


WINNER: Audience Award

Crew:Executive Producer: Adam Pierce - Cinematographer: Adam Miller - Editor: Djuna Wahlrab - Production Design: Will Pike - Sound Design: Evan Benjamin, Bruce Pross - Original Music Score: Jon Guerra, Josiah Wahlrab - Music Director, Producer & Engineer: James Auwarter - Lead Animators: Kevin Coyle, Eileen Kohlhepp, Adam Pierce


Falling Up tells the story of a young man facing the adult world for the first time. The protagonist is confident and enthusiastic about his prospects, but the boy within him is bored and annoyed by his choices. The clash of ideals causes the boy within the man to literally tumble out of his adult body and its world, and fall into the land of childhood.In the child's world, he wanders through scenes marking some of the most formative rituals children are subjected to as part of 'growing up.' Along the way, our hero searches for a hold on his early ideals, knowing he must return to the adult world, yet hoping to carry his child self safely (and willingly) back there within him.


About the director

Djuna Wahlrab lives in Brooklyn.

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