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World Premiere

Director: Martin Toro

United States, 2011, 22 min

Shooting Format:RED, HDV

Festival Year:2011


Crew:Producers: Tanya Brum - Screenwriters: Alexander Khudokon - Cinematographer: Alexander Khudokon

Email:tanyabrum AT


It is a cautionary tale about society losing self -awareness, sincerity and disconnection in everyday relationships. As a trilogy, this alternately tragic love story and dark drama is observed through the eyes of a girl who struggles to find her way. Why do people choose to suffer? Everyday people suffer quietly as a result of being unaware, disconnected and insincere. But are we that much different from those who built walls of dis-ingenuousness? What sets us apart? Have we become both disconnected and self-serving in our daily interactions with people? This is not only a film about social awareness, insincerity and disconnection in everyday relationships. Told in three chapters, it is also a film about spiritual hopelessness, personal loss and the fate of a broken spirit.


About the director

Martin Toro lives in New York. Strange Thing Happens is Martin's directorial debut.


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