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UP - still #1


Director: Chad S. Park

United States, 2002, 15 min

Shooting Format:35mm

Festival Year:2002


Cast:David Wissak

Crew:Producer: Frank Joseph Mele - Screenwriter: Chad S. Park - Editor: Alex Yanev - Cinematographer: Nathan Wilson - Original Score: Gerard K. Marino - Sound: Robyn Kali Bacon, Stefanos Kafatos - Editor Trailer: Nik Nikolaidis

Sales:USC School of Cinema - TV, 850 W. 34th Street G132, Los Angeles, CA, 90089-2211 - T: (213) 740-4432 - F: (213) 740-5226


In all of us lives a Dreamer. When the world of our Dreamer collides with that of our Realist, the Dreamer is fatefully doomed. But the real tragedy is our failure to recognize the one destroying our Dreamer is an overlooked resident: our own Doubter inside us.


About the director

With a Fine Arts Bachelors from USC, Chad S. Park worked as a visual designer of features, commercials and multimedia before his graduate studies at USC film school. His thesis film "UP" has won the DGA Student Film Award and has been honored as one of eight worldwide projects chosen for The International Cinematographers Guild Film Showcase. Concurrently with his education, Chad has maintained professionally as a visual designer and director of commercials and feature trailers.

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