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Y2O {DISTILLED} - still #1


(y2o {distille})
NY Premiere

Director: Dominique T Skoltz

Canada, 2013, 11 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2014


Cast:Vanessa Pilon, Jacques Poulin-Denis

Crew:Producers: Dominique T Skoltz - Cinematographer: Dominique T Skoltz - Editor: Dominique T Skoltz - Composer: Emilie Bernard, Dominique T Skoltz


y2o navigates troubled waters, between suffocation and exaltation, between consummation and relinquishment, between yes and no, from both under the skin and on its surface. This work allows us to see a love on the verge of drifting. Each of these scenes pummels emotional nodes, which are made and unmade by daily abrasions, observing the crossed polarities from which relentless loves are composed. In this elastic space-time, suspended outside the real, two inner worlds start to collide.Either could lead us to lose our self. Either could lead us to find our self.


About the director

A media artist, photographer and director, Dominique T Skoltz practices a form of mutant cinema. Her works, which often fall into the cracks between genres, have been presented on the international media arts. Architect of interiorities, she is interested in the ineffable substance of life.

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