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IT DID IT - still #1


Director: Peter Brinson

United States, 2000, 17 min

Shooting Format:MiniDV

Festival Year:2001


Crew:Peter Brinson did everything except: original score: Doug Hudson - UFO special effect: Henry Hughes

Sales:Peter Brinson - T: (323) 871-2450


It DID IT is a fictional character's story before and after I took Prozac. I used the scientific method to self-examine whether or not I needed antidepressants while demonstrating how it affected my storytelling.

About the director

Peter just received his MFA at California Institute of the Arts. He is currently researching the life of the British mathematician, Alan Turing, in development for his next video project- a piece that, like "It Did It", explores one of the many aspects of society's obsession with what could be labeled "chemical identity".

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