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THE REGULARS - still #1


East Coast Premiere

Director: Zoe Graham

United States, 2014, 12 min

Festival Year:2015

Category:Documentary Short

Crew:Producers: Zoe Graham


Old-timers sitting at the counter for their daily evening meal, locals stopping in for a chat and groups of teenagers giggling in the booths- behind the bustle of this classic American diner scene, an outspoken waitress steals the show. JoAnn Mikulak is Brooklyn born and bred and works in one of the few remaining diners in Greenpoint. In this rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, the diner provides a meeting place for long-term working residents. By observing JoAnn's warm interactions with her regulars, this documentary uncovers the everyday gestures of support and solidarity that make up the fabric of community. The Regulars goes behind the scenes of one woman's daily life in the New York service industry to tell her individual and unique story.


About the director

Zoe Graham is a British documentary filmmaker, currently dividing her time between Brooklyn and São Paulo. She is pursuing a PhD in the Department of Cinema Studies at New York University with a Certificate in Culture and Media. Her first documentary, on the lasting and devastating impact of landmines in Mozambique, was funded by the One World Trust and awarded by the British Journalism Training Council. Zoe aims to make socially engaged films and finds beauty in the forgotten stories of everyday life.


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