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East Coast Premiere

Director: Albertine Zullo, David Toutevoix

Switzerland, 2017, 14 min

Festival Year:2018


Crew:Producers: National Film Board of Canada (Maral Mohammadian), Hélium Films , Parmi les lucioles - Screenwriters: Germano Zullo


Madeleine the Human Cannonball and her husband are carnies. Their lives, like their show, seem to be perfectly under control. But in reality, Madeleine is unhappy and wants to break out of her routine. Without saying a word, she leaves her husband and becomes the Bearded Lady. Time passes, but their love for each other does not die.


About the director

Albertine Zullo was born in Dardagny, Switzerland, in 1967. She draws illustrations for print media, designs posters and other items, and works with directors of animated films and theatrical productions. For 17 years, she taught silkscreen printing and illustration at the Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD). She has published many books for children and for adults, including several in collaboration with author Germano Zullo. Their picture books have won numerous awards, including the New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book Award, in 2012, and the Bologna Ragazzi Award in the fiction category in 2016. Zullo exhibits her work regularly both in Switzerland and elsewhere.

David Toutevoix After earning his National Postgraduate Degree in Plastic Arts from the École des Beaux-Arts in Avignon, France, David Toutevoix pursued his education in the art of the image by working first as a camera operator and then as a camera operator and director of photography specializing in stop-motion animation. He worked as assistant to director of photography Renato Berta on the animated feature Max & Co. and as director of photography for director Claude Barras, first on his animated short films and then on his animated feature My Life as a Zucchini. In 2016, Toutevoix co-directed his first animated short, La femme canon, with Albertine Zullo; he also served as director of photography on this film.

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