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Monsters Walking - still #1
Monsters Walking - still #2
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Monsters Walking

NY Premiere

Director: Diego Porral

Spain, 2018, 1 min

Festival Year:2019


Genres:Comedy, Magical Realism

Cast:Voice Bunny

Crew:Writer: Diego Porral Soldevilla - Producer: Diego Porral Soldevilla - Editor: Diego Porral Soldevilla


""Monsters Walking"" is a short film about monsters that walk.

About the director

Diego Porral (Madrid, Spain, 1992). He's currently studying Animation at Gobelins (Paris, France). ""Monsters Walking"" is his third short film as a director and animator. His previous short film, ""A day in the park"" (original title: ""Un día en el parque"") was nominated to the Goya Award to Best Animated Short Film by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain and reached more than 100 international selections and 20 awards.


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