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Outer Space Love Story

World Premiere

Director: Iva Gocheva

United States, 2018, 10 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2019

Category:Narrative Short


WINNER: Audience Award

Cast:Grace Rex, Bohdana Smyrnova, Julia Joyce-Barry, Gys de Villiers

Crew:Writers: Julia Joyce-Barry, Iva Gocheva - Cinematographer: Trevor Tweeten - Producers: Iva Gocheva, Julia Joyce-Barry, Nicholas Rubin - Co-Producer: Eddy Vallante - Edit: Jake Lane - Production Design: Matt Kazimierski - Costume Design: Gabriela Koleva - Original Music: Maya Solovey


After an unspoken line is crossed, three women are forced to navigate strange passageways and painful secrets. But things aren’t always what they seem. What are these women willing to risk for the sake of art, love and identity?


About the director

Iva Gocheva is a Bulgarian Born - New York based actor and a filmmaker. Her short film Sunday that she directed won best narrative short film at the 2014 Woodstock film festival. The short film Porcupine done in collaboration with Sam Fleischner premiered at BAMcinemaFest in 2015. Some of her last acting credits include the indie sci-fi film Embers starring alongside Jason Ritter.


Filmmaker's note

On a cold December night, Julia Joyce-Barry (co-writer, actor) and I were at our dear friend Maya Solovey’s concert in a small Brooklyn venue. Maya had sent us her song, “Small Death,” some time ago and we were excited to hear it performed that night for the first time. Maya’s voice has always had the ability to take me outside of myself—to a space both intimate and safe, vulnerable and emotional. That night, with her voice echoing around us, an idea came! With her song as the soundtrack, I wanted to create something theatrical and emotional, yet reserved and confined to one space—a story about love requited and unrequited—a love triangle! Inspired, Julia and I outlined the story for the film right then and there! The story has shifted a bit over the course of our collaboration, but the essence of that night is preserved. Preserving that inspiration is important to us. The inspiration came from music and from a deep love and desire to create and collaborate with our dear friends.Julia and I hope that with “Outer Space Love Story,” we can communicate through rhythm, humor, and awkwardness the importance of listening to one another and the awareness and power of the spaces we share.

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