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No Avocados in the Ghetto - still #1
No Avocados in the Ghetto - still #2
No Avocados in the Ghetto - still #3

No Avocados in the Ghetto

World Premiere

Director: John Hammond

United States, 2019, 3 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2019


Cast:Dekunle Somade

Crew:Producer: Studio 181 - Writers: John Connor Hammond, Dekunle Somade - Editor: Micha Pichlkastner - Colorist: Daniel Hollerweger


No Avocados in the Ghetto is a music video directed by John Connor Hammond, written and performed by Dekunle Somade. The song and it’s video are a satirical and surreal take on the issue of food deserts in cities across the country.

About the director

John Connor Hammond is a Director based out Williamsburg, Brooklyn. His passion for comedy has brought him to work with many stand up comedians in Brooklyn, bringing their sketches, web series and short films to life. Directing comedy has also brought him into new areas of directing in the musical and corporate worlds.


There is not synopsis for this movie.

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