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Break the Fire - still #1
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Break the Fire

Director: Mei Li

China, 2018, 5 min

Festival Year:2019


Crew:Storyboard: Mei Li - Concept Design: Mei Li - Animation: Mei Li - Compositing : Mei Li - Editing: Mei Li - Sound Editing: Mei Li - Music: Kai Engel


Break the Fire is a five-minute 2D computer animated short about a young queen who lost her father when he fought a dragon to protect his kingdom. In order to save her people and revenge her father, she sets foot on the same journey, only to discover, and then break, a cycle of violence.

About the director

Mei Li, director, animator, and illustrator. Mei was born in China. She studied at The Communication University of China in Beijing. Now she is working on her MFA (Animation and Motion Arts) in New York. She uses unique and compelling style to tell stories and express deep human emotions.


Filmmaker's note

I am more interested in expressing the fundamental commonality in human emotions rather than the individuality. In my animation, I always try to shape empathetic characters who are on a journey to search for the answer to a dilemma in their life. I enjoy using watercolor or silhouette to depict the surrealistic world.

My work mirrors my observation and experience, which reflect the most profound emotions in my heart. I explore the outward appearance of my characters, revealing the strongest desire in order to go deeper into the motif. In order to pursue a powerful visual impact, I tried to approach the color, lighting, texture, framing, and motions differently. These experiences shape my stories and give each character a unique beauty.

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