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US Premiere

Director: Victoria Batista

United States, 2019, 9 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2020


Genres:Art, Indie, Latinx

Cast:Victoria Batista

Crew:Writer: Victoria Batista. Producers: Anna Frick, Brendan Weaver, Caoqing Kanda Fang. Editors: Victoria Batista, Anna Frick, Caoqing Kanda Fang


Through the lens of mixed media and original music, Sangre takes a look at the comforts of culture, the expectations of Latinx women in society, and the journey to finally love yourself for who you are.


About the director

Victoria is a proud up and coming Hispanic writer, director and musician. She began her directing career her Sophomore year of college for The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red on Amazon Prime, where she not only was an Associate Producer on the show, but directed an episode. She has worked on small projects since then, but Sangre stands as her official debut as an independent creator. The piece exemplifies all that she can do, as she wrote, directed, produced, edited, sings and stars in the film that intimately explores her life as a Latinx woman.

Filmmaker's note

Sangre is a film that was two years in the making, but for me, is a story I've known my entire life. From adolescence all the way to adulthood I have struggled to feel comfortable calling myself a Latinx woman. From not being able to speak Spanish perfectly, to my ability to pass for white, the more I learned about the Hispanic community around me the more I felt I didn't quite fit in it.

This film explores the expectations I thought I needed to live up to as a woman of color in this world. A struggle, I learned during the process of filming, I was not alone in experiencing. This feeling of not being '_____ enough' was a universally felt pain, from mixed men and women across all races and ethnicities.

Sangre takes back the identity that I never lost, but never felt I could claim, and serves as a reminder that if you know who you are, no one can tell you otherwise. I hope audiences can learn to love who they are the way that making this film allowed me to.


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