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Metro - still #1
Metro - still #2


World Premiere

Director: Natalia Krawczuk

Poland, 2019, 10 min

Festival Year:2020


Crew:Writer: Natalia Krawczuk. Producer: Wojciech Leszczynski. Editing: Natalia Krawczuk; Music: Piotr Kubiak


"Metro" is a short story about the life of a train operator named Arseniy. He loves his job, but there is just one thing that keeps bothering him: passengers. One day he decides to teach them a lesson.


About the director

Natalia Krawczuk – graduated from the faculty of Ethnology and Anthropology of Culture at the Warsaw University and the faculty of Animation and FX at Lodz Film School. In between studies she worked in PR agency and several public cultural institutions. Now continues studying at the PhD studies at the Lodz Film School and works as a freelance animator.


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