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Director: Juan Fran

France, Spain, 2019, 10 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2020


Genres:Drama, Stopmotion, Fantastic

Crew:Writers: Carla Pereira, Juan Fran Jacinto. Producers: Nicolas Schmerkin (Autour de Minuit), Ramon Alos (Bígaro Films). Animators: Iván Sarrión, Ignacio De Marco, Juan Soto, César Díaz, Carla Pereira; Editing: María José Fuentes; Music: Albert Meijas


In his thirties and still living with his mother, a man decides to break free from his inner demons.

About the director

Carla Pereira studied Fine Arts at the University of San Carlos in Valencia, alongside illustration and stop motion. She has notably worked on Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs, amongst other stop motion productions.
Juan Fran Jacinto mainly studied Sculpture. He has also worked in the art department on spanish live action film productions like movies, short films and commercials.
After directing and animating several commissioned films through their Engranaje collective, Metamorphosis is their first short film.

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