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Eat When You're Hungry
Eat When You're Hungry
Eat When You're Hungry
Eat When You're Hungry

Eat When You're Hungry

NY Premiere

Directors: Malcolm Rizzuto and Spencer Garrison

United States, 2019, 20 min

Festival Year:2020

Category:Documentary Short

WINNER: Best Short Documentary

Email:ahotdogsandwich AT


A mostly true portrait of Malcolm, a modern American young-person raised on TV & McDonalds, and his grandma, Lola, a strong and loud lady who immigrated to the U.S. in the 1970’s after surviving off eating newspaper in the Philippines for 30 years.


About the directors

Malcolm Rizzuto - He's as cool as a pool in summertime.

Spencer Garrison - Hotdog Sandwich is the LA-based cartoon duo Malcolm Rizzuto (NY) and Spencer Garrison (IN). They’ve been writing, making, and watching movies together since they met at Syracuse University in 2012. In their free time they enjoy writing children’s songs and looking for the world’s best Italian sub.


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