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There You Are

Director: Rui Huang

United States, 2021, 6 min

Festival Year:2022


Crew:Writers: Rui Huang, Rong Deng. Music: Min He; Sound and Mix: Jiaqing Gu; Voice Actor: Nia Baker, Joshua Glassburn; VFX Artist: Yimin Zhang; Animation: Qijia Feng, Rui Huang


After the death of her mom several years ago, Su feels estranged from her father. In honoring their traditional family camping trip on his birthday, she hopes to reconnect with him. But when her father cancels it in deference to his new girlfriend, Su is forced to deal with her unresolved grief.


About the director

A digital artist and animation director, Rui Huang was born in China. Rui completed a Bachelor of Arts at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and obtained a master's degree in Animation and Digital Art at the University of Southern California. Rui specializes in visual design and storytelling. A principal theme in Rui’s artwork is the inner world of people, and she is also concerned with the mental health issues of young people. She tries to convey those concepts through her artwork.

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