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Director: Rubén Garcerá

Spain, 2021, 12 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2022


Genres:Comedy, Thriller

Crew:Writer: Rubén Garcerá. Producer: Rubén Garcerá. Animation: Rubén Garcerá; Prop Maker: Rubén Garcerá; Music composer: Rubén Garcerá; Set dresser: Rubén Garcerá; director of photography : Rubén Garcerá; Film Editing by: Rubén Garcerá; Art Direction by: Rubén Garcerá; puppets by: Rubén Garcerá; Concep Artist: Rubén Garcerá; CGI Artist: Nivel 11 Estudio Creativo (Sergio Artal)


A series of crimes is devastating the city and there is only one person who is capable of finding the culprit: Toni Clues. When Mr. and Ms. Mendoza are murdered, their family decides to hire him. But time is against him as new victims begin to appear and the police are nowhere to be see. He will have to use all his track-hunting skills to try to solve the mystery: who is behind such gory deaths?


About the director

Born in the eighties, Rubén studied Fine Arts at the University of San Carlos (Valencia). He has been professionally dedicated to stopmotion animation as animator/modelmaker for 6 years.

2021 - Release of Re-Animal (stop motion short film). He made 99 % of this short film by himself. 13 minutes long.

2018 - CURRENT - Workshop manager (modelmaker) at Inspiranimation Studio (Valencia) working for Ubisoft, Hasbro, Heliocare, etc.

2016-2017 - Children's series for Happy Surprises YouTube channel.

2014-2015 - Advertising pieces for various clients (video game studio, digital platforms).


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