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Blue Veil - still #1
Blue Veil - still #2

Blue Veil

Director: Shireen Alihaji

United States, 2022, 6 min

Festival Year:2023


Cast:Marina Ochoa, Etzel Ochoa, Kari Ramírez, Carlos Ortez, Ismael Salazar-Lopez

Crew:Writer/Director - Shireen Alihaji, Producer - Jaime Ballesteros, Cinematography - Jaime Ballesteros, Ernesto Calixto,Shireen Alihaji, Sound Designer - Estevan Carlos Benson, Composer - Shireen Alihaji, Soundtrack - Estevan Carlos Benson, Bernabé Bolaños


A First-Gen Muslim teenager discovers her mother’s record collection, in the wake of 9/11. The songs reflect her parent's migration stories to America, and serve as a roadmap to Amina’s identity. As music unlocks memories, Amina remembers who she is.


About the director

Shireen Alihaji is a First Gen, Ecuadorian-Iranian, Muslim and Disabled filmmaker. Her intersections inspire her to create space through film technologies. Given how we remember is pivotal to healing, her films use memory as a central gaze to de-internalize surveillance, uncensor the imagination and mirror our infinite reflections.


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