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Blueprint (2022) - still #1
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Blueprint (2022)

Director: Dan Robert

, 2022, 11 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2023


Cast:Rivka Maoz

Crew:Writer: Dan Robert Lahiani. Producer: Dan Robert Lahiani.


Shortly after the artist Dan Robert Lahiani arrived at the 12th floor of the Clal Building in Jerusalem, for an osteopathic session, his personal quest for connection, home and healing became entangled with the dilapidated and crumbling building’s angsts, aches, and neglect. In this new video work, he draws lines between the series of treatments he experienced and the building’s need for care and healing. Through poetic filming interventions, Lahiani looks at the building with aversion and compassion and holds a ritual of healing of the building, of the city, and of man’s brittle facets

About the director

Dan Robert Lahiani (b. 1987, France) is an Israeli French artist who lives and works in Jerusalem. Currently working in his studio at the Art Cube Artists’ Studios as part of a long-term residency, he graduated from the Screen Based Art Department of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (Israel, B.F.A, 2017) and holds a Master of Civil Engineering (France, École Supérieur des Mines de Nancy, 2011). His works are movement centered, and revolve around questions of identity, healing, language, and cover different angles of video, movement and photography mediums.

Since 2019, Dan Robert Lahiani has brought the therapeutic aspect of his creation to a more intimate and refined space putting his body in movement through rituals (Chi Gong and Tai Chi practice ) initiating a new dancing language. He questions the process of creating an image, and its relevance within his personal quest for connection, home and healing. This reflection is one of the aspects of his last piece “בגוף ראשון” (BeGuf Rishon) (2022).

Lahiani’s works have been shown in solo shows and group exhibitions in galleries and museums in Israel and overseas such as Mana Contemporary Chicago (Chicago, U.S, 2017), The Contemporary Jewish Museum (San Francisco, U.S, 2017), Nikolaj Kunsthal (Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017), The Morgan Library Museum ( New York, U.S, 2020), p8 Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel, 2019), Art Cube Artists’ Studios (Jerusalem. Israel, 2019), The Jerusalem Artists’ House (Jerusalem, Israel, 2018), Kunstraum8020 (Graz, Austria, 2019), Schaumbad Freies Atelier (Graz, Austria, 2019), Zaz Corner ( New York, U.S, 2020), Tel Aviv Cinémathèque (Israel,2020), Jerusalem Cinémathèque (Israel, 2019), The Israeli Center for Digital Art (Israel, 2022), Koresh Gallery (Israel, 2022), Hacubia Gallery (Israel, 2023)

His video works were also part of international film festivals, such as the “Israel Festival” (2021), Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen (International competition,2023), Docaviv International Film Festival ( Israel, 2022), Jerusalem Film Festival (Van Leer Competition,Israel, 2022), Athens International Video and Film Festival (U.S, Ohio, 2021), Brussels Independent Film Festival (Belgium, 2021), Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival (2020), Asolo Art Film Festival (Italy, 2020), Blow-Up film festival (Chicago, U.S, 2017).


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