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Director: Ana Gusson

Canada, 2021, 8 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2023


Cast:Erin Neil, Emily Henney, Erin Neil

Crew:Writer: Robyn Campbell. Producer: Tini Wider. Art Director: Cindey Chiang; Animation Director: Erica Miles; Music: Eva Pekárová


Growing up isn’t easy, and it’s no exception for 12-year-old Ashley whose well-meaning Mom has her own ideas about who Ashley should be. Finding herself in an impossible situation, Ashley must decide whether to wear a gaudy dress she hates or find the courage to stand up for herself and fight the inner monster that is holding her back. The animated short film ‘Pivot’ is a defining moment in Ashley’s quest to be herself at the risk of disappointing the person she loves the most, her Mom.


About the director

Born and raised in Brazil, Ana Gusson is a Director and 2D Animator. She came to Canada to attend the Classical Animation Program at Vancouver Film School. Now based in Vancouver, she has worked as an animator in productions like ‘My Little Pony: The Movie’, Netflix’s ‘Archibald’s Next Big Thing’ and Dreamworks’ ‘Trollstopia’. Most recently, Ana directed ‘Pivot’ an award winning short film that is currently on its festival run. Ana is currently working as a Series Director at Kickstart Entertainment.

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