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Two Chairs, Not One - still #1
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Two Chairs, Not One

NY Premiere

Director: Austin Kolodney

United States, 2021, 11 min

Shooting Format:Alexa Mini

Festival Year:2023

Category:Narrative Short

Genres:Thriller, Dark Comedy

Cast:George Basil, Caitlin Reilly, Scarlett Abinante

Crew:Writer: Austin Kolodney. Producers: Olivia Crist, Lauren Andrade, Kyle Smithers. Executive Producer: Kanyessa McMahon; Casting Director: Kristi Lugo; 1st Assistant Director: Jason Taylor; Cinematographer: Brandon Somerhalder; Sound Designer/Mixer: Elle Callahan; Lead Hair and Makeup Artist: Lauren Bencomo; Editors: Dan Ferrara, Brooke Palmieri; Composer: Jackson Greenberg


A disgruntled customer, played by Caitlin Reilly (Hacks, Loot, Barry), confronts a furniture drop shipper, played by George Basil (Crashing, Flaked, Werewolves Within), whom she believes should have shipped her two chairs, not one.


About the director

Austin Kolodney is a writer/director based out of Los Angeles (with family roots in Brooklyn... shout out to the Ellis-2-Coney Island pipeline of the Early 20th Century). When he's not making stuff for Comedy Central, Funny Or Die, SyFy, All Def Music, or various music video labels who like pay Net-120+... he can be found riding his bike in Silverlake and getting scammed by sketchy furniture companies online.

Filmmaker's note

We poured our twisted little hearts and souls into telling this dark comedy / thriller. It would be such a blast to attend as a cast and crew to experience a full theater react to the strange, funny, (at times violent), and offbeat tale on a large screen. Nothing better than hearing a theater full of strangers laugh, gasp, and (hopefully) clap. Thank you for watching 'Two Chairs, Not One'

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