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THE BOX MAN - still #1


Director: Nirvan Mullick

United States, 2002, 5 min

Festival Year:2003


WINNER: Best Animation

Crew:Producer, Screenwriter, Cinematographer: Nirvan Mullick - Editor: Jackson George - Original Score: Charlie Musselwhite - Sound: Rob Cairns

Sales:Nirvan Mullick - Los Angeles, CA


In a cold empty city, a man encounters a cardboard box. The box has a small rectangular slit that compels him to take a closer look inside. Stop-motion animation.

About the director

Nirvan taught himself animation as an undergraduate at New College in Sarasota where he made his first film, Fish Eye Guy. He recently completed the graduate program in Experimental Animation at CalArts and is currently in development to turn Fish Eye Guy into an animated television series.

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