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Mud on My Shoes

Director: Rosie Geozalian

United States, 2022, 3 min

Shooting Format:Digital, Dragonframe

Festival Year:2023


Genres:Horror, Short, Animation, Stop Motion

Cast:Doug Bradley

Crew:Writer: Matt Montgomery. Producers: Rosie Geozalian, Matt Montgomery. Animator: Rosie Geozalian


Narrated by horror legend Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), Mud on My Shoes is a stop-motion adaptation of a childhood nightmare based off the poem of the same name from author Count D.’s book, “All My Friends Are Creeps“.

The short fuses the world of practical miniature sets and poetry to submerge viewers into a visceral retelling of a boy navigating his fears in a surreal dreamscape.

About the director

Rosie Geozalian is a Los Angeles-born-and-raised artist and filmmaker. Graduating from ArtCenter College of Design, where she studied creative direction and received a student Emmy for her work, she went on to create advertising campaigns for brands such as Instagram, MasterClass, and Smirnoff. Combining her background and love of music and theater, she also creates imagery and music videos that explore worlds of mixed-media, live action, and stop-motion animation. When she isn’t working on films, Rosie spends her time creating collages + portraits, sculpting miniatures, and mastering her theremin.


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