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Vertebrae Lomborum - still #1
Vertebrae Lomborum - still #2
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Vertebrae Lomborum - still #4
Vertebrae Lomborum - still #5

Vertebrae Lomborum

Director: Martino Prendini

Italy, 2022, 1 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2023


Crew:Writer: Martino Prendini. Music: Martino Prendini; Voiceover: Martino Prendini


Fourth animated film of Vertabrae series by Martino Prendini.

This series was born from the need to communicate something intimate through my means alone.

Animation, writing, music, voiceover, all managed by me, with my limitations, trying to involve the viewer in a personal glimpse.

Vertebrae thus develops into individual short films, each representing a part of the spine, in an exploration of myself and my way of confronting myself.

The lumbar vertebrae are the support. They represent the ability to support weights, jolts, changes of direction. Everything that happens is imprinted on them, leaving a mark. And, at the same time, they absorb the backlash for the entire spine. Here are the true roots of our body.

About the director

Martino Prendini is an Italian director and scriptwriter of animated films as well as an animator.

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