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Gene's 6th Symphony

Director: Jordi Garcia

United States, Spain, 2022, 6 min

Shooting Format:CGI Animation

Festival Year:2023



Crew:Writers: Gene Bicknell, Jordi Garcia, Rick Silanskas. Producers: Rick Silanskas, Larry Wilhite.


The original animated short “Gene's 6th Symphony“ is based on a true story and was born with only six notes of music that became a symphonic magical story that defines true love and a life-long journey ending with a hope that lives forever.

About the director

Jordi Garcia, director of Mansion Animation's “Gene's 6th Symphony“ has been dedicated to the world of animation since 2000.

His achievements include DFX Supervisor on the film “Ender's Game“, where his studio (23 Lunes) was in charge of producing the “Mind Game“ sequences under the orders of Digital Domain.

Jordi's well-known animated spots, produced in Spain are especially noteworthy including “The Doll that Chose to Drive“, which was a viral success with over 70 million views, best campaign in Spain in 2016 and Bronze winner in Cannes. In the 2017 Christmas season, the sequel “Forever After“ also enjoyed great success with millions of views and more than 60 awards in national and international festivals.

During the pandemic breakdown, in 2020, he wrote and directed “Hermann“, a self-financed short film based on a true story that occurred during the COVID-19.

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