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Lost and Found - still #1
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Lost and Found

Directors: Hazel Croney, Gertie Barkan, Ari Neff, Ava Pawlik-Kelly, Birdie Decall, Claire Burleigh, Ella Ferrone, Ezra Bloom, Harlow Rothstein, Ian Potetz, Isaac Lochran, Jonas Ketai, Kio Shanks, Quinn Galich, Sienna Evans and Atlas Ablon

United States, 2022, 8 min

Festival Year:2023


One day while a princess and her horse were out for a walk, they meet a friend. The princess and the friend get so involved with their day, they don’t notice that the horse is no longer with them. This story is about the people they encounter and the adventures involved in finding the horse.

About the directors

Hazel Croney -

Gertie Barkan -

Ari Neff -

Ava Pawlik-Kelly -

Birdie Decall -

Claire Burleigh -

Ella Ferrone -

Ezra Bloom -

Harlow Rothstein -

Ian Potetz -

Isaac Lochran -

Jonas Ketai -

Kio Shanks -

Quinn Galich -

Sienna Evans -

Atlas Ablon -

Filmmakers' note

The Star Room class is made up of four and five year olds from the preschool, Growing Place in Santa Monica, California.

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