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Director: Rudy Martinez

United States, 2022, 8 min

Festival Year:2023


The year is 1961 and Ham, a chimpanzee, has been chosen to represent earth as the first ape in space, but a malfunction aboard his ship threatens his return home. Based on true events.

About the director

Rudy Martinez is a filmmaker, and actor known for his recurring role as Wesley on the hit Netflix series "Dear White People" and his four season run on the The CW's "Jane The Virgin." He got his start in TV as a host on "Disney 365," a beloved interstitial program on The Disney Channel, as well as roles on "iCarly" and "Good Luck Charlie". Along the way he's also had roles on "Grace and Frankie", ABC's "Speechless," and Hulu’s “The Lincoln Lawer” and “Veronica Mars.”

Rudy earned his BFA from UC Santa Barbara where he received a grant to study puppetry. Inspired by the likes of Robert Wilson and Lunatique Fantastique, Rudy created a multi-disciplinary puppetry play called “Beginnings.” Apropos to the title, that was the start of a decade filled with puppetry creations including commissions for Boxtales Theatre Company, Artists at Play, and Theatricians. He starred as Pinocchio in Rogue Artist Ensemble’s “Wood Boy Dog Fish” and in 2019 he co-wrote and directed “Four Eyes” for the 48-Hour Puppet Film Festival hosted by the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry. The following year, his film “Spring Fling,” a tender snapshot at life and loneliness during the pandemic, placed among the top films at the same festival.

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