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Director: Daniel Eremin

United States, 2022, 8 min

Festival Year:2023


A cookie named Kolobok, is one of three freshly baked delights who leaves home searching for adventure. Kolobok escapes hungry predators and celebrates life with his cheerful singing. Sadly, Kolobok made a fatal mistake trusting a sly fox and gets eaten as a result. These events are followed by a story about the fate of the last two cookies.

About the director

Daniel Eremin is a 14 yr. old independent filmmaker. A San Diego California native, Daniel is bilingual and bicultural. He fluently speaks English and Russian, he also studies Spanish in school. His first film was inspired by the Slavic fairytale of “Kolobok.” Daniel first made it in Russian, then reedited to English. He started to learn Adobe Premiere Pro at age 11 and this film was his first experience using this program.

Daniel enjoys making short films, video and photo editing, graphic design, coding in C++, and composing music using the Garageband program. He started to play piano at age 6 and violin at age 8, He has played violin in a school orchestra since age 12. He also began vocal lessons at age 12. Currently he is working on a “Kolobok” version where he sings and plays all musical parts.

His mother, Olga, a psychiatrist, is deeply interested in art and its role in mental health. She inspired and supported Daniel to work on this film. Most of this film was done during the pandemic, a challenging time for children, who missed socializing with their friends. The making of this movie helped Daniel understand the role of positive attitudes, while engaging in a fun activity.

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