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The Dog ate my homework

(Le chien a mangé mes devoirs)
East Coast Premiere

Director: Alexandra Lemay

Canada, 2023, 5 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024


Cast:Agnès Laing

Crew:Writer: Alexandra Lemay. Producer: Alexandra Lemay. Lead Animator: Peggy Arel


'The Dog Ate My Homework' is a charming stop-motion short that sends you surfing through the digital whirlpool of the internet. When a charismatic canine gatecrashes 12-year-old Charlie's screen, it's a laugh-out-loud reminder of the power of focus. As the lines blur between online adventures and offline duties, it's a colorful call to not forget life beyond the screen.

* please note the screener is in its original french version but I can provide a version dubbed in english if preferred


About the director

Alexandra Lemay is a creative jack of all trades, specializing in fab­rication and stop-motion filmmaking. With her knack for humorously unraveling life's relatable truths, she brings stories to life by crafting intricate miniature worlds and memorable characters. Her filmogra­phy includes two short films produced by the NFB, 'All the Rage' and 'Freaks of Nurture', as well as 'Quick Fix', an independently produced stop-motion live action hybrid. Her latest project, 'The Dog Ate My Homework', co-produced with Centre VOX, explores the theme of children and screens as part of an educational program.

Filmmaker's note

I wanted to capture the spirit of the internet, highlighting both its appeal and challenges, without sounding moralistic. The result is a playful blend of stop-motion and digital animation, blurring the lines between pixels and reality. It takes viewers on a fun and surrealist journey, reminding them to balance offline responsibilities with online adventures. With a wink to kids and a knowing smile to multitasking adults, this piece aims to bridge the digital divide. This film has been a labor of love, an exhilarating journey filled with dedication and hard work. Despite a micro budget, our small yet incredibly talented team brought it to life. The film is animated in French, with an English dubbed version available, but I believe its original language captures the essence better.

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