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We Have Notes - still #1

We Have Notes

East Coast Premiere

Director: Jordan McKittrick

United States, 2024, 13 min

Festival Year:2024

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Madeleine Coghlan, Michael Strassner, James Tupper

Crew:Writer: Jordan McKittrick. Producers: Gabriel Berk Godoi, Austin Welsh, Ginge Cox, Erika Renson, Kevin Cooper.


"We Have Notes" centers around the making of one pivotal scene in a Joan of Arc movie. We watch the scene evolve: the cast, the plot, and the underlying themes.

About the director

Jordan McKittrick is a director in Los Angeles and graduate of USC Film School. He makes movies that are humorous, glamorous, and playful.

Filmmaker's note

The film isn't just about the film industry. It's for viewers who work in any field who've ever tried to create something and had to watch their idea evolve and shift after inception.

The characters feel a responsibility to tell the Joan of Arc story truthfully. So when they begin getting feedback and notes their own values are at stake as the project is tweaked. On my mind is the question: how do you know when any creation, be it a film, a dish at a restaurant, or a house, is a work of art or a commercial product?

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