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There May Be Something Here

World Premiere

Directors: Joshua Elias Palmer and Frank Varga Jr.

United States, Canada, 2023, 12 min

Shooting Format:Digital, BlackMagic

Festival Year:2024

Category:Narrative Short

Genres:Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast:Monica Sanborn, Chloe Berk

Crew:Writer: Frank Varga Jr. Producers: Nicole Fernandez, Joshua Elias Palmer, Andre Hirschler, Frank Varga Jr. Production Designer: Andre Hirschler; Assistant Camera: Shane Chiasson; Editor: Joshua Elias Palmer, Frank Varga Jr.


A young woman is plagued by regrets and desires after colliding with a crush on a busy New York street.

About the directors

Joshua Elias Palmer - Joshua Elias Palmer is a director and producer from the DMV, based in NYC. He studied cinema under Kevin Jerome Everson at the University of Virginia and completed a directing intensive with Béla Tarr in Budapest, Hungary in 2023. His work explores how the political meditates the personal while conjuring a transcendent viewing experience for audiences. He has multiple features in post-production as a producer.

Frank Varga Jr. - Frank Varga Jr. is an Ontario-based filmmaker whose work focuses on failures of communication, loneliness and the disillusionment of dreams. He primarily works within the boundaries of fiction while striving to incorporate the real world into his work through the use of hybrid elements. In 2023, he was one of 12 people selected to participate in a masterclass taught by Bela Tarr in Budapest. His films have screened both nationally throughout Canada and internationally as far as Shanghai, China.

Filmmakers' note

Frank and Josh met in Budapest during a directing intensive with Béla Tarr in January 2023, becoming quick friends. This is their first joint project.

Béla Tarr had a retrospective at the Lincoln Center, so Frank decided to visit Josh in New York to see their teacher again. Simultaneously, they resolved to make a film together when he was in New York. In the same way that Béla Tarr gave us 'Knife' as a starting point for our masterclass, we started with 'Young Love in the City'. There May Be Something Here is what unfolded from that.

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