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NY Premiere

Director: Alfred Giancarli

United States, 2023, 68 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024

Category:Narrative Feature

Cast:Julian Velez, Huston Pigford, Marat Shad

Crew:Writer: Alfred Giancarli. Producers: Justin Cirulli, Isaac Epstein.


Lonely dudes in liminal spaces. Three guys working the graveyard shift around a deserted urban college campus try to make it through a long and lonely night on the job.


About the director

ALFRED GIANCARLI (New York, USA, 1982). He has been an English teacher, photo editor, press photographer, assistant cameraman, DIT, cinema worker, museum educator, waiter and sound guy. With a bachelor's in Filmmaking from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a master's in Journalism from Universidad de Complutense de Madrid, Alfred returned to filmmaking after a long absence in 2014 with the short film My Wife Is no Longer with Us. In 2015, he wrote and directed Don't Despair, a critically acclaimed indie horror film which premiered at the HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival. In 2017, he wrote and directed the short Hope to Her Register. Weeknights, his newest feature film, premiered at the South Carolina Underground Film Festival, where it won Best Feature. Recently, he has produced, alongside Ben Pakman, the upcoming short film Gettysburg, directed by Joshua Bogatin.


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