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NY Premiere

Director: Dawn Lambing

Canada, 2023, 10 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Tara Bissett, Shoshana Wilder, Shawn Baichoo, Gerardo Lo Dico

Crew:Writer: Tara Bissett. Producers: Tara Bissett, Dawn Lambing. Cinematographer: Alex Gravenstein


An unusual road trip takes a turn for the worse as two fearless women risk it all for what's right.


About the director

Born in Toms River, New Jersey, Dawn spent a good portion of her youth growing up in Brevard, North Carolina, a place she holds dear to her heart to this day. In her late teens, she relocated to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where she began her professional modeling career. A move that eventually took her to the runways of New York and Paris before focusing on acting.

Dawn has been on the acting scene since the early 90’s and currently lives in Montreal, Canada. Her credits span from Commercial and TV to Feature Films such as Barbarian Invasion and Stardom, with Director Deny Arcand, Life and Death of John F Donovan, Director Xavier Dolan, To Catch a Killer, Director Damion Szifron to name a few.

Dawn recently stepped to the other side of the camera in her Directorial debut with Roed, which she couldn’t be more proud of.

Roed has gone on to garner several awards on its festival tour, including several for directing, and most recently won a Best Shorts 2023 Humanitarian award, which she and the whole team were honoured to have received.

In addition to her role as Director, Dawn co-produced Roed, alongside Tara Bissett. The duo is currently collaborating on a feature film, projected to be filmed in 2025.

Dawn continues to act, and dreams of growing old gracefully while helping to tell the stories that need to be told. She also claims she would be able to write a novel about everything she does not know about directing.


Filmmaker's note

Roed is our first response to the current state of affairs in the aftermath of the Roe v. Wade rollbacks.

In the spring of 2023, when the first whispers began about Idaho introducing travel restrictions to people seeking abortion care, we, a group of friends, a group of Canadian women, went from outrage to hysterical horror-laughing at the bizarreness happening south of the border.

What could this mean for our American counterparts, what could this mean for anyone with a uterus caught in a State that would not let them travel for the reproductive health care criminalized in their own state? How exactly would this travel ban be enforced? And what lengths might people have to go to bypass these draconian laws?

Since the production of Roed, the list of states implementing laws targeting anyone with a uterus is growing. Historically, Canada has followed the US’s lead on many issues, and this latest development scared us, while the ridiculousness of it made us laugh til we cried. We looked at the horrors of what could be coming down the pike, because clearly there are no limits, and we had to say something.

Roed is us speaking up and out.

We will brave the dark together
And we won’t cry.

From ‘We Won’t Cry’
by Meredith Marshall

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