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Complicating Danny

World Premiere

Director: Zoe Mathewson

United States, 2023, 8 min

Festival Year:2024

Category:Documentary Short

Cast:Sierra Mathewson

Crew:Writer: Zoe Mathewson. Producer: Zoe Mathewson.


Two sisters discuss their incredibly creative and complex father and ruminate on the challenge of rendering someone who no longer exists in a complete image when the whole of them gets drowned in the highlights.

About the director

Zoe Mathewson is a filmmaker from North Carolina who enjoys working in various mediums and roles. They have experience as a factory worker, art director, line cook, animation instructor, and metal fabricator, finding inspiration in the tactility and textures of everyday life. Zoe's work focuses on people in rural communities in the South, with a particular interest in women/femmes and queer people from those communities, always searching for nuance and complexity in the ways in which we engage with one another and make sense of our world. 'Complicating Danny' is a personal rumination with sister, Sierra Mathewson, on how we discuss deceased loved ones and the pains of trying to render someone whole when all you have left is words.

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