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A Mole In Time - still #1

A Mole In Time

Director: Leon Joosen

United Kingdom, 2023, 24 min

Festival Year:2024


Genres:Adventure, Comedy, Animated, Family, Kids

Cast:Warwick Davis, Jessica Henwick, Stanley Tucci, Richard E. Grant

Crew:Writers: Tony Nottage, Leon Joosen. Producer: Tony Nottage.


It's the anniversary of Moley becoming the keeper of Manny, and Dotty, with a little help from her Uncle Mishmosh, goes back in time to see what she had missed before she came to MoleTown. But when she gets stuck in the past with nobody recognising her, Dotty must go to her uncle for help in order to bring her back to present-day MoleTown without interfering with the past.

About the director

Leon started his career at Marvel Prod. before working at Disney as an animator on Little Mermaid, Oliver And Company, The Prince and The Pauper. Leon then moved on to Warner Bros to work on Space Jam, before joining DreamWorks, then Rhythm and Hues, directing animation on live action films Scooby Doo 1 & 2, Dr Doolittle 2 and Aliens in the Attic. Leon and Producer Tony Nottage met in 2011, bringing to the screens Saving Santa (2013), the Moley Special (2019) and the Moley TV series (2021).

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