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NY Premiere

Directors: Sabrine Keane and Kate Dumke

United States, 2024, 81 min

Shooting Format:Digital 4K

Festival Year:2024

Category:Documentary Feature

Genres:Women's rights, Social justice

Crew:Producers: Heather Keane, Maggie Contreras, Sabrine Keane. Executive Producer: Heather Keane. Co-Producer: Tim Grafft. Editor: Sasha Perry. Original Score: Anne Chmelewsky.


Where does someone turn when facing an unplanned pregnancy? PRECONCEIVED is a raw and insightful look into the rise of the enigmatic crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) pervading America. Shedding light on how many of these centers are a part of a movement striving to make abortion unthinkable and illegal, the documentary explores the complex role of deception, finances, faith, and privacy.

PRECONCEIVED follows the stories of two women, Maleeha in Texas and Maria in Colorado, whose searches to terminate their unplanned pregnancies misled them to anti-abortion centers. The film also features testimonies from individuals on both sides of the issue including leaders of the CPC industry as well as experts who caution why many CPC practices are problematic. Amid a shifting legal landscape, PRECONCEIVED deftly navigates the complicated political and moral knot that is abortion access in America and underscores the importance of understanding the resources available to pregnant people.


About the directors

Sabrine Keane - Sabrine graduated from Harvard College with a degree in philosophy where she honed her ability to think about complex ideas and articulate them in a coherent and rational manner. Growing up immersed in diverse cultures, she fostered an appreciation for the nuances that define varying belief systems. She believes in the power of visual storytelling to spark deep thinking and dialogue.

Kate Dumke - Kate is a storyteller with a boundless curiosity for the human experience and a special interest in cultural / societal influences and women's lives. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in political science and photography before continuing her documentary studies in New York City at the International Center of Photography's Documentary and Visual Studies program.

Filmmakers' note

Our introduction to crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in 2021 was a revelation that sparked an urgent need for exploration. The pervasive presence of CPCs across the United States left us astounded by our prior lack of awareness, a sentiment echoed by many with whom we discussed this subject. With the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned, we felt it was important to document a shifting reproductive healthcare landscape and dive deeper into the resources available to people facing unplanned pregnancies. We learned that CPCs are surrounded by controversy, with many arguing they have long been, and continue to be, highly deceptive. CPCs are accused of purposely hiding their pro-life intentions and using questionable tactics to change minds and pregnancy outcomes. Regardless of politics, we believe in the right to transparent care and feel people in vulnerable positions should be made aware of CPCs and their complexity so they can be empowered to seek the resources they feel best suit their needs. Though novices in the art of documentary filmmaking, this topic inspired us to take on the challenge with the help of industry veterans as a women-led team. Filming throughout 2022, we gained unprecedented access to Americans on both sides of the abortion debate. We are especially grateful to the two young women, Maria and Maleeha, who shared the complexities of their private lives and struggles with us on camera so openly. It is our intention that Preconceived makes people think deeply across party lines and continue to seek out more information.

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