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Pillow Talk

NY Premiere

Director: Mathilde Hauducoeur

United States, 2023, 17 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024

Category:Narrative Short

Genres:Comedy, Drama

Cast:Elizabeth O'Donnell, Annalisa Plumb

Crew:Writers: Elizabeth O'Donnell, Annalisa Plumb. Producer: Kinder Labatt. Executive Producer: Elizabeth O'Donnell, Annalisa Plumb


When Margot unsuccessfully reenacts moves from her self defense class with her boyfriend, she spirals and imagines the worst about her best friend Cami's confusing one night stand. Together, the two women process their experiences with the intimacy that only female friendship has.

About the director

Mathilde Hauducoeur is a French-American writer and director based between Paris and New York. She holds an MFA in screenwriting and directing from Columbia University, where she developed and sharpened her passion for stories that explore the intricacies of female friendship. Her short film 'Ailes d'Ange et Plaies Ouvertes' premiered on NoBudge and won the jury prize at Mulhouse Tous Courts. She is currently developing her first feature 'Sylvie's Weekend', which was selected for the 2023 Cine Qua Non Revision Lab. Her most recent short film 'Pillow Talk' premiered at the 2024 Miami Film Festival.

Filmmaker's note

When Annalisa and Elizabeth approached me with their story, it felt like a natural fit. I had been wanting to tell a story through vignettes in New York City. I was particularly compelled by the nuance of the way the questions of consent, female sexuality and friendships are treated. My work often explores female friendship, but usually at a younger age, and I was particularly excited to explore the intricacies of these relationships at this later stage of life. To me, the friendship between Cami and Margot is the heartbeat of the film, and I tried to present a playful yet deep portrait of their bond, despite their different perspectives.

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