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World Premiere

Director: Negar Ebnali

Iran, 2023, 15 min

Festival Year:2024

Category:Narrative Short

WINNER: Spirit Award

Cast:Mina Sadati, Hosein Shahbazi, Mohammad Reza Ghanea

Crew:Writer: Negar Ebnali; Producer: Ali Abdoli; Executive Producer: Ali Asgari; Director of Photography: Mohsen Hoseini; Production Design: Mohammad Asgari; Costumes: Samita Bekloo; Editor: Ehsan Vaseghi; Composer: Ava Rasti; Sound: Iraj Shahbazi, Mehrad Abolghasemi


Soheila is a mother who could lose the custody of her child. While stopping at a gas station, the woman loses sight of the child. What happens forces her to make a tough decision.


About the director

Negar Ebnali was born in 2001 in Isfahan, Iran. She studied Cinema at Sooreh Art school and then she completed her studies at Sooreh University in Tehran. She worked as director, scriptwriter and editor during her studies.

Filmmaker's note

The equality of human rights in the region where I live has always made me think. This matter became tangible to me when my sister was about to get married and in order to get the simplest rights of her life, she had to sign a contract between herself and her husband, which her husband did not have to do this. After that, a story was formed in my mind that a woman has to bear many problems for her simplest rights, which is guardianship and custody of her child, during separation from her life partner and even experiences serious mental and emotional abuse in this way. That's why I wrote Soheila's story and imaged her so that we can be with the conditions of a woman during separation in this geography for just a few minutes.

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