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Les Lavandières

US Premiere

Director: Laura Kamugisha

Canada, 2023, 5 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024


Cast:Marie-Chantal Kamugisha, Michaëla Mukalay, Raphaël-Ange Kamugisha, Jean-Bastien Niyigaruye

Crew:Writer: Laura Kamugisha. Producers: Daniela Mujica, Laura Kamugisha.


In this visual essay strung along a clothesline, a narrator named Lavender tells the story of her mother, Jeanne, a Rwandese immigrant filled with hope.

About the director

Laura Kamugisha is a Montreal-based screenwriter, director and producer of Rwandan and Congolese origin. Her films explore notions of cultural identity, memories and intergenerational baggage through visual poetry. Her short films include Les Lavandières (2023), Trait d'Union (2020) and Mitochondrial (2019).

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Film Production from Concordia University and would describe her projects - and herself - as sensitive, stubborn and intuitive. She is part of the inaugural cohort of directors for Brown Girls Doc Mafia in 2021.

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