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US Premiere

Director: ZhaoHong Luo

China, 2023, 30 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:YouYi Wang, XueJun Chen, ZhongHong Gao

Crew:Writer: ZhaoHong Luo. Producer: HaoSheng Deng. Director of Photography: RuiXiang Xu


The cement pipe plant was shut down three days later because it could not meet production standards. Rome, Zhu Dan and Yu Guangsong will spend the last three days here, saying goodbye to familiar people, things and things...

About the director

I am a student from China. I am currently studying at Beijing Film Academy. I studied screenwriting and filmmaking in college. I finished writing two feature-length screenplays, and I wrote and directed two short films myself. I have participated in more than 20 short films, some of which have won several awards at home and abroad.

Filmmaker's note

I think movies are an indispensable part of people's life. Now the film has a history of hundreds of years, whether it is the form or the content of the film has undergone earth-shaking changes. But what remains constant is that movies always revolve around people, and so does art. I think good movies will move the audience, they can capture the most subtle emotions between human beings. Human nature such as beauty, kindness, sincerity, selfishness, pride and capriciousness will be slowly presented from the plot stacking step by step. But the film should show the relationship between social environment and people. Because all of this is probably the whole environment that makes human beings so diverse, and the environment is partly composed of people and people, which is the most interesting point of the movie.

In this film I want to show three men in different situations. The story takes place in China in the '10s. The cement pipe plant is facing closure because it does not meet production standards. The three protagonists have to deal with this wave of layoffs. A man once killed his wife because of drinking and cycling, and his son has long been disconnected from himself. A man being asked for money by his incompetent son. A man says goodbye to a woman he still loves and wants.
Their life is just like Su Shi's poem said: "To what can we liken human life? Perhaps to a wild swan's footprints on mud or snow."

I hope that the short film or script can present different relationships, emotions and cultures, so as to complete a work that touches people.

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