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All's Well

World Premiere

Director: Paulina Casey

United States, 2023, 18 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Kyra Morling, Devaney Sparrow, Brian Cornforth, Sara Akay, Courtney Barth, Ryan Yamauchi

Crew:Writer: Paulina Casey. Producers: Paulina Casey, Nina Cochran, Ludwig Hurtado, Roberta Shortell.


In the grip of a mental breakdown, Kyra moves through New York City in one failed attempt to connect after another. A final, fruitless encounter on Coney Island leaves her distraught, broken and ready to fight her way forward - if she can.


About the director

Paulina Casey is a post-production producer, writer and filmmaker living in Brooklyn, New York. Graduating from SUNY Purchase with a degree in Playwriting and Screenwriting, she began her career working on film sets for indie features and NBCUniversal productions. All's Well is her directorial debut.


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